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Have a design work and want to realize it for Your exhibition event? You've come to the right place !

About Rumah Pameran

RUMAH PAMERAN offers a complete range of services, from exhibition stand design, construction manufacturing to on-site installation. And whatever exhibition experience, requirements or budget You have, We'll help You until Your exhibition / event is carried out successfully.

If You already have a booth stage or custom display design, You can send directly to our email so that We can calculate the production price.

But, if You a newcomers and confused what to do, You don't have to worry! You can consult with us first by telephone or WhatsApp chat. We are glad to help You and give a solution for exhibition / events needs for You.

We provide Indoor & Outdoor construction service for :

  • Booth / stands (custom booth, franchise booth, portable booth, Mall booth, R8 portable panel and its kind).
  • Backdrop, Stage, Gate and event needs.
  • Display table, Kiosk, Storage, etc.
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Do You want to participate an exhibition / event but don't have a design yet? Maybe Our Portfolio Gallery will be Your inspiration !

Rumah Pameran Latest Portofolio Gallery

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You don't have to worry. Here's how to order Your Exhibition Event needs !

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We will discuss with you about what your needs, exhibition / event dates, budget and more. we're gladly to help and answer your questions as well as provide solutions.
You can submit Your design work to Our email. Or You start place an order first what Your exhibition or event needs and provide us about your design concept for exhibition event theme and We'll start fulfilling Your design request as soon as possible then You will be charged a design fee.
We will design according to the brief and the concept you requested and revise until it is approved by You.
But if You already have your own design work and need few changes, We're ready to help with the terms and conditions.

We will reconfirm your order to pay in cash or by down payment as a contract sign, so We can start work and realizing your design orders.
We started to working and preparing your exhibition / event goods that you ordered.
And Our Team will start loading your goods on schedule which have been specified by the event organizer until the on-site installation process is completed before exhibition event starts. And proceed with construction dismantling (unloading) when the exhibition / event date ends.
Additional Information :
  • For payment, We accept cash or down payment first as Our contract agreement.
  • Minimum down payment is 50% from initial strike price as terms of payment. And the remaining payment must be paid after the exhibition / event ends.
  • If during production or installation process there's a significant addition of properties, design structure shape changes and material specifications exchange, then Client will be charged additional cost as well.
  • We're not responsible for any damage or loss personal belongings of clients on exhibition / event site. Please keep your valuables respectively. Thank You.
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You can also visit Our Workshop to monitoring Your order progress !
[googlemaps https://www.google.com/maps/embed?pb=!1m14!1m8!1m3!1d15860.618745463355!2d106.7335809!3d-6.3740223!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!3m3!1m2!1s0x0%3A0xf4745b7f9d0acdc2!2sKontraktor%20Pameran%7CRumah%20Pameran!5e0!3m2!1sid!2sid!4v1605619770658!5m2!1sid!2sid&w=650&h=350]

Rumah Pameran Workshop Address


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